I’m on the waitlist, now what?

Hang in there – demand for the Coign credit card has been fantastic! You will have your shiny new Coign card to start spending Right before too long! Once your Coign credit card is available, we will send you an email or text message with instructions on how to apply.

What’s Coign’s story?

The Coign credit card is America’s leading Conservative credit card. We were built by Conservatives for Conservatives.  With your Coign credit card you get unlimited 1% cash back rewards* on eligible purchases with your VISA credit card that offers world-class credit protection and shares your Conservative values.

We are focused on providing cardholders dependable, safe and secure credit card services and world-class customer support—all while we build the happiest and largest Conservative financial community in America.

Coign works because Conservatives like you are willing to join together to build on the American dream.  Certain corporations in America are divisive and have been leading us for too long, but now there is an opportunity for Conservatives to use our market power to change corporate America and our country for the better.

What is Coign’s Mission?

Coign is building the largest financial community of Conservatives in America, united to preserve
Conservative values for our families and our nation through commerce and charitable works.

What are Coign’s Values?

We are proud Conservatives.  The Coign credit card is America’s leading conservative credit card. The Coign credit card is a VISA credit card focused on preserving Conservative values while offering unlimited 1% cash back rewards* on eligible purchases rewards and world-class credit products. Coign donates a portion of every transaction you make to support Conservative charities.**

Click here to learn more about the Conservative charities Coign is supporting.

Okay, how does it really work?

The Coign credit card includes all the credit card standard perks, and benefits you’re used to, such as secure transactions, unlimited 1% cash back rewards* on eligible purchases, VISA network coverage, online tools, and fraud protection. But now, with the use of your Coign credit card to make eligible purchases, a portion of every transaction will go to support great Conservative causes** that you care about.

So, it’s a real credit card?

Yes, the Coign credit card is an unlimited 1% cash back rewards* VISA credit card that offers world-class credit protection, all while sharing your Conservative values. Built by Conservatives for Conservatives, Coign is focused on providing cardholders dependable, safe, and secure credit card services, along with impeccable customer support.

The mission of Coign works because Conservatives like you are willing to join together and re-build the American dream. Division and disunity have been the driving forces for too long, but now there is an opportunity for Conservatives to use their market power and bring positive change to corporate America. Together we will change the country for the better, all while building the largest, happiest community of Conservatives.

Who is the Coign team?

Coign is the marketer and service provider of the Coign credit card and is operated by founder Rob Collins. He has been active in Conservative politics, government and media for years. His last ‘big thing’ before Coign was helping to flip the Senate for Republicans while running the National Republican Senate Committee. He was also President Trump’s ‘confirmation Sherpa’ for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Rob is now fully dedicated to Coign with his wife, friends, and a group of really smart people who ran credit cards for some of the biggest companies in the world. The Coign team is excited to offer a real, honest-to-goodness Conservative credit card.

Who are your investors?

Our investors are the only reason Coign exists. When the banks, private equity, venture funds, angel funds and every other ‘respectable’ investor slammed the door in our faces because, you know, we’re Conservative.... our Coign investors stepped in with their dollars, experience, and reputations. These patriots were the spark that lit the Coign fire.

All of our investors are American Conservatives who are all U.S. citizens and have supported and voted for our last 4 Republican presidents.

Do you have any foreign investment?

Heck no.

What charities are we supporting?

Click here to learn more about our charities and the voting process.**

Can I recommend a charity?

Please do!  Email us help@coign.com

Where should I first use my new Coign credit card?

Like any true Conservative, we believe in your freedom, so we aren’t interested in telling you how to spend your money or where to use your Coign card. The choice is yours.  

However, if you want to post your first swipe on Truth Social, Gettr, Rumble, Parler or the other social media sites, use hashtag #enjoyingCoigning.  

What is the annual fee?

The annual fee for being a proud Coign-wielding American is $0.00.  

However, like our country, all Coigners have a responsibility to grow it, protect it and make it amazing.

What should I do with my corporate credit card?

That is the kind of cancel we can get behind!  We would just shred the old card and move on. However, we will leave it to your creativity and social media skills to come up with your own solution.

Are you hiring?

We are!  We need smart, hard-working Conservatives who want to take on rebuilding America.  Go here for job postings and opportunities. www.coign.com/jobs

What can I do to help Coign?

Thanks for the offer.

1.) Help us grow – spread the word to your friends and Conservative network.
2.) Use your Coign credit card for your transactions. We get stronger each time you spend Right. 
3.) Vote for Coign charities, your participation matters.
4.) Lastly, we need your ideas. What cool things should Coign be doing?  Call us at 833-690-2471 or email us help@coign.com

Can you help me with the app?

We created a series of videos to address the most frequently asked questions about our app. To watch those videos, click here.

I’d like to add an Additional Cardholder to my account. What do I need to know?

Will it cost me any money to add Additional Cardholders?

There are no additional charges or fees for adding Additional Cardholders.

Can anyone with a Coign card add Additional Cardholders?

Only primary account holders with accounts in good standing and not subject to any late fees will be permitted to add Additional Cardholders.

Who can I add to my account?

Primary account holders may add up to a total of two additional friends or family members who are at least 16 years of age.

Am I responsible for their purchases?

The primary account holder is responsible for paying the balance of all cardholders on the account.

Will my credit limit change?

No. All cardholders will fall under the primary account holder’s credit limit. For example: if the primary account holder’s credit limit is $5,000, all cardholders collectively can spend up to a total credit limit of $5,000.

How do I add an Additional Cardholder to my account?

If you are a primary account holder and would like to add an Additional Cardholder to your account, simply follow the quick steps below or watch this video tutorial:

  • Open your Coign mobile app,
  • From the home screen, click on “Manage Account”,
  • Under the “User Settings” section, find the button that reads, “Additional Cards”,
  • Click on that button and follow the steps to add up to 2 Additional Cardholders on your account.
  • **Please note that we are currently experiencing issues with card design selection. The card design that you originally ordered as a primary account holder will be shipped, regardless of what you choose for your Additional Cardholder. We are actively working to resolve this issue!
  • Once you receive the additional card(s) in the mail:
  • Deliver the card(s) to your Additional Cardholder(s) in a secure manner
  • Have the Additional Cardholder(s) activate the card by calling the Coign Customer Service line at 833-690-2471
  • Don’t forget to have Additional Cardholders add their new Coign cards in either Google Pay or the Apple Wallet
  • Start Spending Right!
How can I file a complaint?

Coign aspires to have a higher level of customer service than your old corporate credit cards and prides itself on excellent service, but if we deserve it, let us have it!

Call us at 833-690-2471 or email us help@coign.com.

Help! I’m having trouble with my account.

Quick — Call us at 833-690-2471 or email us help@coign.com.

Help! My Coign card is lost or stolen.

Very Quick — Call us at 833-690-2471

What credit bureau does Coign work with?

Coign will report account information to Transunion to start with and then add others over time.

How can I pay my bill?

For the vast majority of Coigners, you can easily pay your bill right in the Coign app, as long as your bank or credit union can be connected in our billing system.

You can also make a payment by phone with our self-service option. Simply, call 833-690-2471 and follow the instructions. 

Lastly, if you’d rather send a check, or if your bank or credit union isn’t available in the billing system quite yet, then mail your check to: (address). Please allow 7-10 business days for your payment to processed.

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