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Coign is America's first credit card built by Conservatives for Conservatives. Coign was created to advance conservative values and embrace the American spirit. We align your dollars with your values. Unlike other leading credit cards, that give millions to the Left each year, Coign is helping Conservatives to align their dollars with their values. We're proud that the dollars you spend are invested in Conservative causes.**


america’s future is in your hands

Apply for a credit card online in minutes and start fighting back

Image displaying two Coign credit card styles. One with a "We the People" red background and another with a red gradient background.

Coign Built by Conservatives for Conservatives

Together we are creating Conservative commerce - and with our combined strength we will grow great American Conservative charities.**

unlimited *cash back rewards on all purchases

Your dollars support Conservative causes and charities at no cost to you!

Unlike other credit cards, we use our money for people and businesses that respect you and your values.**

John D.
Got mine before Thanksgiving, activated and ready to go. Love the "We the People" across the front. Really distinctive.
Kevin B.
Just activated mine. Now on to buy some freedom seeds with it.
Anna K.
Just used ours at a small shop in Annapolis!
Stephanie B.
Looking forward to this launching.
Michael B.
Lucky me! After months of waiting and almost giving up I got my Coign card this week. Thank You Coign.
Linda B.
Got mine. Yay!
Tina M. my invite today. Card will be here in a few days!!! Thank you Coign. It will be a pleasure to spend right with you all!! 🙂
Sharon R.
Received my card today!
Stuart C.
Just requested mine 👍🏻
Applied and approved yesterday! 💥
Sharon R.
Got my application yesterday, sent it in, approved, now waiting for my card. Thank you!
Chris B.
Looking forward to mine as well.
Warren K.
Can hardly wait to get mine.
Paul F.
Patience, the parallel economy isn’t built overnight!!!!!
Tracy M.
I am loving my new Coign card!!! ❤🤍💙
Joseph M.
I cannot wait to do business with you.
MaryKaye J.
Let freedom ring!
Jon C.
Great IDEA! Let’s roll..
Angie L.
Just watched you on Glenn Beck and thought I would join and apply .... thank you and God-bless
Kevin B.
I can't wait to feel the freedom of the Coign Card. Happy Independence Day to all like thinkers.
Imma K.
Can’t wait to get my Coign card!
Mary C.
I have signed up and look forward to voting on which charities the card should give to. I hope this idea and others like it grow to give us choices about where our money goes.
Bev A.
I shared this with my friends on messenger!!! Hope you get 80+million of us!!!! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
Jan L.
I just signed up. Love this idea!!!
Danny L.
I'm on the waiting list as of a few weeks ago, I really like this idea!
Maria L.
I saw your company mentioned on Newsmax and immediately went on and signed up. 100% support - I love the idea of letting our money support causes we believe in.
Lynn T.
check it out - first credit card for conservatives (most donate funds to liberal causes but not this one - and you can vote on who they donate to!)
Mindy A.
Nice alternative to the Left
Edyie M.
I want this card please!
Lynxie S.
I'm on the waitlist. It's new, it all takes time! I'll be here.
Julie S.
Such an exciting concept!
Alice S.
I am on the waiting list to receive a Coign credit card & will be pleased to benefit conservative causes by simply using the card to make my purchases.
Rochelle C.
fabulous idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Coign Advantage

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Benefits for Conservatives No Other Card Can Match

Spend anywhere Visa is accepted. That’s almost everywhere.

Support Conservative causes YOU care about every time you spend.**

Visa’s Zero Liability policy means 100% protection.

World-class cyber and theft protection to defend you.

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