Coign is America’s first credit card built by and for Conservatives. Coign was created to advance conservative values and embrace the American spirit. Unlike other leading credit cards that give millions to the Left each year, Coign is helping Conservatives to align their dollars with their values. We’re proud to invest in Conservative causes.** Coign is the only Conservative credit card that allows you to pay with a purpose while you earn rewards. Now, each time you swipe your credit card you’re automatically spending right.

Every time you use your Coign Credit Card you:

Belong to the biggest and best Conservative Credit Card Community.
Support Conservative causes YOU care about every time you spend right at no cost to you.**
Earn 1% unlimited *cash back rewards on every purchase you make.
Support Conservative, like-minded businesses.
Help Conservative business grow.
A photo of a man eating lunch at a restaurant.

Business lunches taste better.

When each dollar spent means Conservatives are better off.

A woman enjoying time at the beach on a hammock

Enjoy your next trip even more.

Your happy place is even closer when you spend right.

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